EPIC is listed on Digifinex! Over $1,000,000 in volume within two weeks since launching


WhaleTracker partners with Swipe (SXP) to create a bot that provides real-time price follow up for the swipe community

A trip to the moon

A trip to the moon isn't imaginary, as we are launching this trip aiming to achieve a 100x the capital as one of the options available for copying alongside analysts, and it is the first trip of its kind in the world of crypto currencies.

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EPIC is a tech company that aims to create supporting tools to make the crypto world easier for the user

Mena Exchange

This platform serves the users in the Middle East & North Africa to ease the process to liquidate money and purchase cryptocurrencies. It is considered to be the first p2p in a region with a total population of 578 million people dispersed in several Arab countries. MENA exchange is the only one and with no competitor in the region that provides completely free service and no commission.


Whaletracker is the best bot that provides information on exchange volumes and it is considered to be widely used in social media due to its importance for the speculators and investors. It aims to collect data from all the platforms worldwide in the near future to benefit the user. The website & application will be launched soon.


A copy system that brings together the world's best analysts and speculators! It provides you with a feature to copy from your preferred analyst or choose from a list of analysts which provides a complete transparency in presenting results and achievements. It provides unique solutions for both parties, we have contracted with famous analysts to form the crew that we are proud of


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Digital Marketing Manager

The Digital Marketing Manager plays an essential role in implementing our social strategy in a way that includes all products and services we provide including WhaleTracker, Menaex, Altseasons and others. The idea candidate must have deep experience in social media marketing and at a marketing agency, and proven track record. He must also have sufficient experience to bring the ideas we want to apply to life

Server Manager

Here at Epic , we pride ourselves on having the passion, drive and creativity to forge amazing worlds and experiences for our users to dive into! Therefore, we are looking for a Server Manager with strong experience to join our team. The ideal candidate should be passionate at what he does, collaborating with the team of engineers and working on maintenance and daily developments

Graphic Designer

EPIC Group is looking for an experienced Graphic Designer with high talent for MENA exchange and WhaleTracker to work closely with the rest of the team and designers currently working for the interface for both desktop and mobile platforms

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